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Jan 3, 2019

In episode 17 of the Brewbound Podcast, Brewery Ommegang president Doug Campbell discusses the Brut IPA trend, how Brewery Ommegang plans to help build awareness around the new style, and the challenges of building an entirely new product category. He also discusses strategies for executing successful partnerships – such as the one Ommegang had with HBO and the Game of Thrones series – as well as a consumer shift toward prioritizing proximity over quality when making purchasing decisions. 

Also in this episode: Brewbound editors Chris Furnari and Justin Kendall share Brewbound’s most-read stories of 2018, and the final news clips that crossed our desks before the end of the year. Furnari and Kendall also introduce two new segments, and share their 2019 New Year’s resolutions.

Show Notes:

0:00 – 12:25: Furnari and Kendall introduce episode 17, discuss the top read stories on Brewbound in 2018 and the final news clips of the year

12:25 – 50:53: Furnari and Kendall interview Doug Campbell

50:53 – 1:10:31: Furnari and Kendall share their takeaways from the interview and rundown segments