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Nov 15, 2018

In episode 10 of the Brewbound Podcast, Brewbound editors Chris Furnari and Justin Kendall interview Independence Brewing co-founder Amy Cartwright.

Throughout the conversation, Cartwright discusses her entrepreneurial journey, explains how the craft beer landscape in Texas has changed since Independence opened in 2004, and shares her thoughts on consumer purchasing habits.  

Cartwright also discusses her company’s deal with Lagunitas Brewing and Texas’ confusing direct-to-consumer sales laws.

Also in this episode: Furnari and Kendall discuss Artisanal Brewing Ventures’ acquisition of Sixpoint, Pabst Brewing’s lawsuit with MillerCoors, and the ‘Camp Fire’ wildfires in California. They also share some bad PR pitches, and offer a conspiracy theory about rapper Post Malone and Brewers Association director Paul Gatza.

Show Notes:

0:00 – 1:08: Furnari introduces episode ten

1:31 – 13:06: Furnari and Kendall discuss the latest news items.

13:06 – 49:12: Interview with Cartwright

49:12 – 1:11:16: Furnari and Kendall share their takeaways from the interview and rundown the latest segments.