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Mar 14, 2019

In episode 27 of the Brewbound Podcast, Fort Point Beer Company founder Justin Catalana shares his plan to grow the company’s revenue to as much as $22 million in 2019, while hiring another five dozen employees. He also discusses the pros and cons of self-distribution, why the company takes a debt-averse approach to financing growth, and how it builds strong core brands at time when breweries and consumers alike are  chasing new beer offerings.

Show Notes: 

0:00 – 18:50: Chris Furnari and Justin Kendall introduce episode 27 and discuss the Brewers Association’s new top 50 U.S. craft brewing companies list

18:50 – 50:10: Furnari interviews Justin Catalana

50:10 – 1:10:14: Furnari and Kendall share their takeaways from the interview and run down segments